And as afterthought, I wouldn’t mind being referenced to solid websites with info on photography competitions . I guess that one of disadvantages of self-publishing and the internet is that anything and everything can be published, making it harder to find those hidden gems. Still, like you say, never give up and keep on submitting – that’s a great ethos to have. Having been on the receiving end of people expecting me to work for nothing and offer free advice, as a writer, I am now a lot more sympathetic towards mags and comps that charge fees. For now, the best bet is do Ctrl F and type ‘free’ into the search box.

This is no fault of our own but our ambitions for back to back competitions is now going to have to be put on hold and more importantly, you need to be our first priority. Hour of Writes is listed on your website as a weekly competition but it appears to have stopped without announcement and some competition results are nearly three months in arrears. This website has never been well run but over the last few months it’s been getting ever more erratic without the owner having the courtesy to properly inform anybody of what’s going on and ignoring users’ questions. If you look at the HOW web page you can see a new competition hasn’t been posted since about April.

funny friendship story in hindi

In the end, a teacher had to come out into the playground and call the children back to class because they had not even noticed the bell ringing because they were having so much fun. In turn, Shirin asked about England and why it was so cold even though it was summertime, and why the Queen didn’t like visitors. ’ And in exchange for giving her some of his milkshake, Shirin pulled four pieces of baklava from her pocket and shared the sweet pastries with her new friend. The copyright of the stories and content published on this website remain with the author. I believe Reedsy have a very large website audience, so you’d probably receive some good exposure. However, the best bet is to read their terms and conditions for more information. And if you have any questions, approach Reedsy directly.

Non-Fiction Writing Competitions

When a business fails or struggles in some other way people commonly look for recent tactical or incidental causes, but the roots of failure are usually far deeper in foundational strategies, structures and philosophies. Just a final note – I’m not suggesting that great customer service is about giving your products and services away. Obviously that’s not a particularly sustainable business model.

I really appreciate the effort you put/are putting into this. The vast majority of these competitions are international and will accept entries from writers residing anywhere in the world. The countries are just listed for information.

The John Wayne Story

Not long after its launch, I updated the page into sections as detailed in the quick links at the top of the page, and put the competitions in alphabetical order. Discontinued competitions now appear in their own list at the bottom of the page for reference only. It was a perfect way to show our values at Whinhill Primary. You show your friendship skills daily with your P1 buddies. “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Friendships forged on the road are often the best friendships of all.

I’ll do my best to check all the links regularly, but if you spot any mistakes, outdated information or broken links, please let me know. I will also try and add to this list regularly as I hear about more competitions. In 2020 we’ll be adding a wide range of new stories to read online. Below, we have provided an ever-expanding selection of old and new short stories that are free to download. I really enjoyed our first P7 assembly about friendship.

Prestigious &/or Big Prize Short Story Competitions

Chris, I have just stumbled across your website while looking for information on outlets for short stories. I just wanted to say what a terrific job you’ve done in putting this together. It’s really a one-stop shop for anyone getting started in writing short stories and looking for places to submit them and other relevant advice. It’s amazing how much there is out there and great to have some kind of a guide as to where to start. I wish you the best of luck with getting your stories published.

These travel with friends quotes perfectly capture what it’s like to travel with an old buddy or make a new friend on the road. Use them for your social media updates or Instagram captions next time you’re travelling with your mates. And if you did enjoy what you’ve read today, please share this post with your friends on social media. If you’re looking for some funny stories to tell your friends and colleagues then here are three that might just bring a smile to your face.

You may feel that you’re bothering or upsetting your friend, fear being labelled, or worry about how your friendship might change. Friendship is a crucial element in protecting our mental health. Our friends can keep us grounded, help us get things in perspective, and help us manage life’s problems.